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To provide the best finished product to the customer, each project begins with a detailed and thorough inspection performed by one of our experienced, licensed and insured estimators. The estimate includes visually inspecting the roof. It is typical during most inspections to take multiple photos and measurements. 

Upon inspecting the roof, we can usually advise immediately of visible damages or issues observed with the home. We use estimating software to put together the  estimate/proposal. You will typically get the estimate in 1-2 business days.

Each customer is assigned a dedicated project manager that plans and supervises the project from start to finish. The project manager communicates by phone, email and in-person.

When a customer is searching for a contractor to perform repairs, it is essential that they take into consideration like, kind and quality of building materials when it comes to reviewing bids/estimates. As a standard, Dannex estimates and prides itself using quality products to provide an exceptional finished product. Our goal when we finish a roofing project, is leaving the home better than we arrived, providing the customer with peace of mind, and helping and value to their home. 

Project Execution

When we meet with a customer initially to discuss their roofing needs and budget.  By doing this we are able to provide price ranges for materials, which the insured is able to choose regarding styles and/or colors. 

From the time we have a signed contract and deposit, the work will start within 2 weeks. An average roof project takes 2-3 days (weather permitting).

There are numerous examples regarding unforeseen and/or hidden damages. Essentially when roof is torn off, or upon any demolition phase is when the true extent of damages are typically known. When we write estimates, we typically state that the estimate is dependent upon verification of structural integrity. Upon the discovery of anything that will change the budget or repairs process, photos are taken and the customer is immediatly notified.  If the customer is working with an insurance carrier, the process is similar. Furthermore we would be in communication with the insurance carrier on behalf of the insured.

Dannex prides in offering quaity roofing services. We ensure our customers are always satisfied and we ask for the opportunity to resolve anything that is not up to your expectations. Please contact us.

Dannex Roofing is happy to offer assistance  for insurance claims. Contact Us for more info.


When Dannex construction meets with a customer at there home, we will have the abilty to run a program from our phone to verify if a person qualifies for financing. As well, we will be able to give the customer a fairly approximate idea of the equal montly payments.

For more info on the financing process please check out Financing Page

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